This is the biggest portion of the launch – gathering your data. In the original email, we sent you a link. Put all the files in that folder. Please do not email them.

What data do we need?
> Your team roster
> Who you represent (list of manufacturers/principals)
> Your accounts list (companies list of customers, distributors etc.)
> All contacts (people you sell to)
> Past Sales
> Opportunities
> Samples/Quotes

Team Roster
If everyone on your team (and you) completes the user forms, we will have what we need. If that process is incomplete, we will miss adding your users. We’ll ask you about this on the launch planning call you book.

Who you Represent
Please follow this link, download the template, complete it and upload it to your company’s Repfabric Files data folder. The list is of your line card – whose products do you sell?

Companies/Accounts List
These are your customer and distributor company records. They should have street addresses, city, state, zip, website, company type and which sales rep has that account. You can export a list from your former CRM, sales reports, or even contacts. If you have something to export, please load it into the data folder and we can discuss it on the launch planning call. If you do not have something to export, please complete this template:

Ug. This is usually a hot mess. Seriously, your team has been in the field for 10+ years per person. They move fast. In Outlook or Gmail the company names are not normalized, there is missing information … it’s just not going to line up easy.

Even as experts with spreadsheets and data, our average is 50% of pulling good contacts magically out of these incomplete files.

Here’s what we’ll do, you give us the contact exports, we’ll mash them together and compare it to the companies list. What’s good-good will go in. What’s good (but incomplete) we may come back and ask you for more information. What’s not good, your team can build as they go with three clicks in the email Sync+ tool.

The get the contacts ready for export, please have your team mark contacts as private or personal. Here are some articles and videos to watch on this topic:

Worst case scenario, you can hand-fill in a template. Here’s a link for it:

Past Sales
Please export from your former commissions system. At a minimum the information needed is what line, who it was sold to, the sales amount, commission amount, invoice date and check date or at least what month they should post to.

If you have these from another system we can import them. There is a template they need to line up to. Or, if there are only a few, it may be best to build as you go.

Best wishes!! I know this can be a lot of gathering. Be encouraged. When this is right, your team is more likely to adopt the system and use the tools. We’ll help you through this whole process.

Please send any questions to


Your Repfabric Launch Team