Welcome – Complete your Admin Form

Please complete the admin form first. Then copy and paste the user form in an email to each of your team mates. 


You fill in this form…

       ADMIN FORM: https://tinyurl.com/Repfabric-adminform



Once you complete the admin form, please copy the sample email below with the USER FORM and send it to each of your team mates. 


IT IS ESSENTIAL YOUR TEAM MEMBERS SUBMIT THEIR EMAIL PASSWORD. Once we have all the replies we can set up your system.


Please send a preliminary email authorizing and encouraging them to share their email password on the secure Repfabric form. This connects Repfabric to their Outlook or Gmail so they can easily sync contacts and create opportunities. Without the password the tool does not work. You could simply copy and paste this in a group email:

 – – – – – – COPY and PASTE EMAIL BELOW to YOUR TEAM – – – – – – 


Hi Team,

We are launching with Repfabric, an easy CRM and Commissions Tools for Manufacturer’s Reps. Shortly you may start to see emails from support@repfabric.com. An important document will be the user form. Please complete it AND YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD. They are going to help us connect a simple software tool for you to use and need the email address and password to connect it. You have permission to complete the Repfabric user form, including your email password so we can be ready in time for training. 


Go to this link and fill in each question: https://tinyurl.com/repfabric-userform


If you have any questions about the user form or your next step, please email support@repfabric.com.