Key Features

I am a Manufacturer …

Connected Email

Overwhelmed by email? Have 100's of email folders? You don't need them anymore...

  • Eliminate email filing into folders all together
  • Customers and manufacturer emails intelligently organize into topics or opportunities automatically
  • Update the sales opportunity right from the email you are reading
  • Full integration into Microsoft Outlook® and Gmail

"What have you been up to?" Answer this question, right now, in detail.

  • How do I record customer and prospect conversations by product line or department?
  • How do I give my product lines our team's sales activities performed on their behalf?
  • What details have I discussed with this customer or prospect across all product lines?

Activity Journal

Sales & Commission Dashboards

Why are my sales figures so difficult to find right when I need them - in front of my customer? Answer these critical questions, right now.

  • I am walking into a smaller customer - what part numbers am I selling them?
  • How are my personal top accounts doing?
  • Which products drive my personal commissions?
  • I am meeting my channel partner - what customers do they sell my products to?

Say goodbye to filling out sales activity, opportunity and pipeline reports. Spend your time selling instead....

RepFabric reporting gives you dynamic communication with your manager, Customers, product lines, and internal departments -- right now, without the hassle and wasted time of paperwork.

Real-time Reports

Access Anywhere

Unteather yourself - run your sales from your laptop, tablet, or phone while staying in sync with your home team...

Access Repfabric from your laptop or any browser.  Or use the Repfabric app for you iPhone, iPad, or Android device.   Keep Repfabric opporunities update right from Microsoft Outlook!

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