What is Repfabric®? Isn't it just another CRM?

Repfabric® breaks from the constraints of CRM by linking to your inbox for complete customer communication without the administrative overhead.  Our CRMSync® goes further to manage your external CRM systems, eliminating the need to login and update your principal's CRM manually.   In addition, we offer the commission module and sales dashboards designed for the roadwarrior.

What is OppLoop®?

OppLoop® keeps all parties of an opportunity "in the loop". Create contacts, companies, and opportunities from inside your email. Subsequent emails link automatically to the created opportunity. System integration among calendar, address book (with maps), company, contacts, 'next step' feature, and opportunity database make it easier to connect the dots without the tedium.

We already have a system in place, so why should we go through the effort to adopt Repfabric® instead?

Repfabric® was conceived to meet a need in the marketplace to simplify and make easier the job of doing sales by offering efficiency, speed, and flexibility on the fly. We were all too familiar with the frustrations of the expense, rigidity of use, and unwieldy, plodding inefficiencies of the other systems out there. That is why we made Repfabric to be swift, cost effective, and flexible to make your life easier, and why we would hope you give it a try.

I use Outlook today and a hosted email server. What changes will happen if I use Repfabric?

Continue to use Outlook with our Repfabric Add In to keep opportunities up to date right from your inbox.   Or use our email client too.  Repfabric's email client provides automated linking of relevant information on opportunities, so you don’t have to, making your communication faster and much easier. We won’t change your email server, as we work just fine with POP and IMAP protocols to pull emails from your server into your Repfabric inbox, which is hosted in the cloud, and of course, accessible from any device.

If I just want to use the OppLoop, but not Dashboard, can I do that?

Absolutely. OppLoop can be configured independently. The master records of customers, principals, and salesmen are needed, and that’s it. Dashboard can be added later.

Do I need any hardware to run OppLoop?

No. Repfabric is hosted "in the cloud" on a secured server dedicated to you.  RepFabric will set it all up and manage it for you - no IT expertise needed. Optionally, we can support on you chosen cloud service provider such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon at an additional charge.  Or, if you have your own hardware, our technical services may be contracted to setup on that as well.

Does OppLoop need anything special to run on my computer, iPad, or smartphone?

No. As long as you have a data connection and a web browser, you can update your email, company records, contacts, calendars and opportunities on the fly right in front of your customer. Apps are available for iPad/iPhone and Android at no additional charge.

How do I get my existing data into the system?

Repfabric allows you to upload principals, customers, contacts, opportunities and emails from an Excel spreadsheet (CSV file) into the OppLoop database.  Most apps and existing systems including Outlook give you an option to export to Excel/CSV format. We also offer professional services that can assist you with the process, perform the data transfers for you, and even manually key in data where automated processes don't work.  All at very affordable prices with our global resources and partners. And, as always, your data is safe with us.

What data does OppLoop need?

As little as possible!  Your time should be selling, not administrative tasks. We require only key fields including Principal and Customer names and addresses, contacts that work for them, and in-flight opportunities you can pull from monthly reports that you already do. Even without all data in place, you can start sending emails to opportunities from inside your inbox from day one and catch up with details when needed later.

My line does not give me individual part numbers for sale, but rather we sell their capabilities. Will it work without the details?

Absolutely! You can handily rip through repeated follow ups and manage the overall opportunities without specific part numbers.  Of course, more data can give you more insight, but just a overall value of the deal will let you get the pulse of your business and free you from reporting headaches.

I don’t want my sales reps to see another sales reps' selling details. Does Repfabric give me that control?

Yes. Authorization control is deeply rooted throughout Repfabric, so that you can control what records each sales rep or sales team can see and edit.  Sales reps and their managers will only have access to their own sales commissions and other personal details.  You also have extensive control over who can add, edit, and delete information. And as a manager, you can limit who has access to reports and dashboards which give much more details on the entire business.

Can I produce reports from Repfabric to review with my principal or team?

Certainly, although you may not need to as much... You can "print" reports as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets and send them to principals or your team with little effort. But, with OppLoop integration to email and external CRM systems, you will find that do a lot less "reporting" and a lot more communicating.  We make it easy to see and share opportunity details routinely rather than printing reports that nobody reads.

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