About Us

We are a team that's large on experience with over fifty years of sales and procurement adventures and firefights in the trenches of business. We get it. We understand the challenges of everyday survival and we want to arm you with the tools and weapons to not only insure your survival, but allow you to thrive within the competitive environment you're facing daily.

Our founders imagined a better way to efficiently track opportunities (OppLoop®), automate reporting (CRMSync®) and streamline communication up and down the supply chain. This innovation of practical design leverages daily work duties by way of simple, quick, and easy-to-use button clicks to generate a monster sales reporting/management system for all parties, reps and their manufacturers alike.

Our system becomes your support team. Efficiency goes up, busy work goes down, more time to sell is reclaimed and your income increases. We keep it simple. Your business benefits.   Contact us.  Repfabric can help give you more time selling.

Chris Reich

Chris has 20+ years of experience in IT and application development, having worked on some of the earliest customer contact management systems from which current major CRM software packages are derived.  Experienced in both design and implementation of CRM systems, Chris brings product management to the forefront for Repfabric.

David Lopez

David has a significant background in procurement, having bought products in the electronics industry for power grid electronics, as well as at Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) and Tyco.   As a recipient of sales pitches from distributors, reps and manufacturer's alike for decades, David's input into what works and what doesn't when being sold to drives our products.

John Mitchell

As an owner of a significant electronics rep firm for over a decade, John brings to bear the real life features and functions needed by today's sales managers, sales teams and road warriors.  Unable to find a low drag, cost effective sales system in the market targeted specifically for firms that multi-line sell, Repfabric was born.  John and the rest of the team bring that solution to market to give you the mobile tools you need at last.

Sam George

As the Owner and Engineering Director at Trace Width Technology Solutions LLC, Sam has reinforced Repfabric with a strong partnership in technology and innovation. Sam has Masters and two Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering. He is a seasoned Engineering Designer and Project Manager who has years of experience in Aerospace, Military and Industrial development. His teams of Engineers have brought to life the Repfabric Applications and continue to support and enhance the Repfabric Products and Services.

Murali Meleth

Murali is the Chief Software Manager at Indea Design Systems Pvt. Ltd., a key supplier of I.T. and infrastructure for the Repfabric technology platform. He has a Bachelors of Science and Post Graduate degrees in Digital Electronics and Computing Systems. He is has 20+ years of experience in enterprise application and platform development. He is an expert in Database Management, Cloud and Mobile programming as well as project management of large development teams.

Ravi Bhat

Ravi is the I.T. Manager of Indea Design Systems Pvt. Ltd., a key supplier of I.T. and infrastructure for the Repfabric technology platform. He has a Degree in Computer Science and specializes in Virtualization and Server Security. He has years of experience in I.T. as a certified networking specialist and as an award winning software security consultant.

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