Do your current tools land 38 appointments on your calendar each week?

Come watch Repfabric CEO John Mitchell and Autoklose CEO Shawn Finder lob best practices and insider tips back and forth. 

Matching good data with an automated marketing tool can be a boost to your sales. We all know, if it’s done wrong, those email “arrows” fall flat. If done right, your calendar fills up with quality conversations. 

Some answers you can anticipate:

  • What % of my emails are blocked and I don’t even know?
  • How do images/links/attachments affect my email?
  • Even if we’re contacts, my email can be filtered to spam?
  • What’s the secret phrase to get my email opened?
  • How have industry standards changed?
  • What is the best way to get emails that perform above average?


“Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Manufacturers’ Representatives”

Friday, April 23, 2020

1 pm EST, 12 pm CST, 11 am MTN, 10 am PST


Shawn Finder crushed it on the courts even competing against tennis world champion Andre Agassi. Now he’s helping sales reps crush it with his latest software Autoklose that follows his initial venture, ExchangeLeads. 

Autoklose is a revolutionary sales automation platform that is used by 3000+ sales professionals around the world to help save them save hours a day and automate the tedious tasks sales people do on a regular day.

Shawn’s score board includes:

  • Bringing ExchangeLeads from 0 to Breakeven in 5.5 months.
  • Launched Autoklose with 3018 prospects ready to purchase before the product was developed.
  • Fill s sales rep’s calendars with an average of 38 meetings a week
  • Increases his clients by over 300% month over month.

John Mitchell, more of a rugby guy, is excited to score big for Repfabric clients. He’ll share how he’s built Repfabric so it will integrate clients’ data to work with Autoklose and improve the sales process both in efficiency and effectiveness. 

John’s business acumen and core strengths include:

  • Technical sales to electrical, mechanical and software engineers
  • Concept to market for technology product ideas
  • Technical product development of hardware, firmware and software from architectural levels of all three disciplines
  • Deep knowledge of manufacturing processes for printed circuit board assemblies, rapid prototype and production plastics, metal machining and metal stamping
  • Competitive analysis, financing, mergers and acquisition in technology vertical


We look forward to you joining us for this friendly banter, rousing thier combined competitive natures for the benefit of manufacturers reps. 

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